You asked for it, you got it!
Gluten Free Cupcakes.
Vanilla, Chocolate, Lucky and Mojito now available by special order in a wheat free version
Please call to check on today's gluten free flavor availability in the store.

Cupcakes $3.00 each
Mini cupcakes $16.50 per dozen
XL Cupcakes $5.00 each

Limited Edition Flavors
Wacky Wabbit - carrot ginger cupcake topped with cream cheese icing and garnished with candied orange - $3.25ea
Green Monster - Chocolate cupcake, beer ganache center, Sam Adams cream stout icing topped with cocoa nibs - $3.25ea
Key Lime Pie - Graham cracker cupcake, lime curd center topped with meringue - $3.25ea / $18dz minis
Lemon Raspberry Love - Lemon cupcake, raspberry jam center, lemon icing, dollop of raspberry jam on top - $3.25ea / $18dz minis
Chocolate Cherry Truffle - Chocolate cupcake, cherry jam center, chocolate icing with a maraschino cherry on top - $3.25ea / $18dz minis

Daily Flavors
Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes - with chocolate or vanilla buttercream frosting
Choc-it-to-me (vegan) - Chocolate cupcake, chocolate ganache center, chocolate icing, garnished with chocolate shavings
Berry Crumbly - Vanilla cupcake with almond crumbly and mixed berries baked in topped with fresh mascarpone and crème fraiche topped with a fresh berry
Super Chocolate - Chocolate brownie cupcake topped with bittersweet chocolate ganache and covered with chocolate shavings
Lucky Cupcake - luscious lemon cupcake with white chocolate buttercream and candied ginger, comes with a fortune
The Mojito - Vanilla cupcake soaked with rum, sugar cane lime frosting andfresh mint
Cookie Dough - Chocolate chip cookie dough in a vanilla cupcake and vanilla buttercream frosting with chocolate sauce
Caramel Mochiatto - chocolate cupcake, caramel center and mocha frosting topped with chocolate covered espresso beans
Cinnamon Chai Pecan Sticky - spiced up cupcake covered with gooey caramel pecan topping

Flavors of the Day
Monday - Baker's Pick
- Banana Cream - vanilla cupcake & custard, bananas, graham crackers, Shaw Farm Dairy whipped cream
Wednesday - PB & MC - peanut butter cupcake with chocolate chips topped with milk chocolate ganache and roasted peanuts
Thursday - German Chocolate - chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream center and coconut pecan icing
Friday - S`Mores - graham cracker cupcake with chocolate ganache and a toasted vanilla bean marshmallow
Saturday - Red Velvet - Our all natural take on the classic, light cocoa cake with cream cheese frosting - $3.25ea / $18dz minis
Sunday - Coco Kick - white chocolate cupcake and cream cheese frosting dusted with sweet all natural coconut

*Flavor of the Day cupcakes available on any day by special order,
1 dozen minimum per flavor, Minis 2 dozen minimum per flavor
**available by special order only

Kickass Ltd. Editions
- Small batch unique flavors of the day.

Stop by often or call us to see what our current Ltd. Editions are.

Flavors previously featured include Wacky Wabbit, Lotus Blossom, Strawberry Margarita, The Somerville Sensation, Choc-annoli, Bear Claw, Peach Melba, Rootbeer Float, Blue Velvet, Bananarama, The Cocoa Cola, Raspberry Twist, The Pink Lady, and The Honey Bee.

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